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Personal Safety & Protection

Crime is on the rise across the United States.

Are you concerned about your kids sleeping in their rooms or playing outside while your asleep or your attention elsewhere, are you concerned about mom or grandma living alone. Have you seen all of the surveillance footage of children being ripped out of their mothers arms and being kidnapped. Let’s face it. We don’t live in the same world. Both violent and property crimes are on the rise. Why not protect yourself and your family with a fully trained protection dog. They’re fully trained pets with a purpose. Our dogs our trained to keep you and your family safe and harm at bay. They will lay by to couch, the foot of the bed or in bed or work as a foot rest for mom or a kids snuggle pet but if trouble comes looking for you they will be ready to defend you and your family. People whom mean to do harm knows what a small dog bark sounds like and they know they can kick a small dog. Good luck kicking one of our dogs.

Realtors are always at risk. Going into an empty property, meeting strange men and being in a foreign house alone. Imagine taking your own personal protection dog with you. Your dog will sit at the entranceway the entire time your showing a home and make sure youre ok.

Imagine pushing a stroller through the park or down the street with your own personal protection dog by your side.

Imagine going for a run by yourself or with the girls with your own personal protection dog by your side.

Imagine a late night working in the office alone with your dog by your desk and walking you out to the car.

We believe if you’re going to have a dog, let the dog serve a purpose. Let it be your pet but more importantly your family guardian. That’s what we call a working dog.

We train and deliver your dog anywhere in the United States or Canada.

For more information complete the contact link below or contact Rebecca Cordova at 702-612-1584.

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