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Law Enforcement K9 Sales & Training

We offer fully trained law enforcement k9’s for sale to local law enforcement agencies throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico & Mexico.

The k9’s offered for sale are trained in controlled substance detection, tracking & patrol work.

Our goal is to provide our friends in law enforcement with the best trained k9’s in the world. We employ over 30 years of k9 training into all of our k9’s. K9’s are trained in real world scenarios and under live fire testing.

All k9’s are trained in both rural and urban environments in Las Vegas Nevada, or Los Angeles California. All k9’s are trained by certified and retired military k9 trainers with over 100 years of United States Air Force & Marnie Corps k9 training experience.

Before k9 delivery officers are given a certified k9 trainer handling course with their new k9. The handlers course consist of 30 days of classroom, urban environment and rural environment training. The sale and training are followed up with 2 weeks of additional real word training in your municipality with officer ride along.

We offer Department Financing for both small and large municipalities and provide Federal Grant assistance with every purchase.

For more information complete the contact link below or contact Rebecca Cordova at 702-612-1584.

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