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Diabetic /  Seizure & Seeing Eye Dogs / Medical Alert Dog Sales

Diabetic /  Seizure & Seeing Eye Dogs / Medical Alert Dog Sales

Our medical alert dogs are trained to serve you. When insulin levels fluxuate our dogs are specifically trained to alert you of an impending medical situation. They are specifically trained for you and your medical needs. Our dogs serve both adult & children alike. Every dog leaves our facility fully certified as a full access medical alert dog.

It starts off with selection. You come to meet your new puppy, discuss your medical needs and a simple non evasive medical test performed. Dog training starts at 4 to 5 months of age and are fully trained and ready to serve your medical needs 8 months later.

We deliver your new medical alert dog to your home and personally train you as to the use of your dog and its life saving training. Our trainers spend over a week helping you or your loved ne to acclimate to your new family member, during that time training you how to use your new life serving medical alert dog.

Financing options are available.

For more information complete the contact link below or contact Rebecca Cordova at 702-612-1584.

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