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Our Dogs Are Tailor-Made To Your Needs

Our dogs are highly trained to detect guns and other explosive devices that could be smuggled into your place of business.

Our dogs are trained to monitor the entry to your business with their handler and let us know when someone is concealing contraband into your facility surreptitiously. Anything you want to keep out of your place of business, event or venue, we can prevent with a 98% success rate.

Our services cover the following sectors:

Nightclubs And Bars

Your job is keeping your nightclub or bar full and patrons happy. Ours is keeping it secure and protected.

Concert Venues

The only thing the fans need to think of are the words to the next chorus. We ensure these magical moments last a lifetime.

Education And Worship Centers

An educator’s responsibility does not need to include carrying a weapon. Beddogs are your solution to what seems like a complicated question.

Search And Rescue

Should the need to deploy our K9s for search and rescue arise, we will send a team of experienced dogs and handlers to whatever location is needed.

Real Estate

Send in the dogs… to a vacant property that may hide squatters or strut through those uneasy feelings of meeting new clients with confidence by your side.

Our K9s Achieve What Humans Have Spent Billions Trying To Recreate…

Safety Found In A Dog’s Sense Of Smell!

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