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About Us

BEDD Protection

Based in Nevada, we were profoundly impacted by the mass shooting of 1 October in Las Vegas.

Each time a gunman or terrorist took front stage at an concert, nightclub, entertainment venue, school, or place of gathering our spirits were smothered with sadness.

We had to do something to stop this horrible atrocity that kept finding it’s way into our homes. Our America is the land of opportunity and it’s people must feel safe. Our mission is to make each place in this country safe with every dog we place to protect its citizens. We do this with ballistic and ammunition detection dogs.

BEDD, as we refer to our product will travel anywhere we are required to ensure your patrons are safe in your place of business.


Mass shootings in 2018


Mass shootings in 2017


Mass shootings in 2016


Mass shootings in 2015

*Data provided by Gun Violence Archive

Meet Our Trainers


Manny is the founder of BEDD and one of our professional K9 handlers. Like nearly every one of our professionals, Manny grew up being surrounded by dogs. One of his first influences was Tequila, the families German Shephard.

Tequila gave Manny an early glimpse of what driven dogs could do as she found trucks that Manny had buried in the backyard or sniffed him out among a crowd full of kids his age. He has always been amazed by not only a dog’s constant need to please, but their ability to never give up. Manny has followed that neverending drive in his own life.

Through his real estate and property management background, he discovered the need to have protection dogs around him. It was because of this need that he entered into a world where protecting those around him became center stage. He knew the need to provide a service to the world that could provide not just a defense, but an end to the ever increasing attacks falling on our soil. Manny knew that there was no better solution than Man’s Best Friend.

He formed BEDD with one intention, stop the mass shootings and attacks. Our goal, our mission, our promise is his life’s purpose.


Alisa is a one of a kind handler. She focuses on a dog’s ability to perfect its tracking abilities through visual ques. She understands both the physical and mental demands these dogs must achieve and has an amazing sense of their exhibited behaviors.

She has perfected her craft through her immense knowledge of canines. Alisa has an extensive training background and has trained multiple other handlers during her time as co-owner and handler of several top-notch K9 training companies.


Rebecca has been around dogs all of her life and finds comfort in them just being around. As an avid runner, Rebecca has a big job in keeping the K9s fit.

Whether getting the K9s out to run through busy city streets or quiet mountain hikes, Rebecca constantly incorporates training into their everyday tasks. She knows that these specialized breeds must always be working to be the very best at what they do.

Training Section


Our K9s are highly trained with experienced handlers versed in their field. Handlers and dogs are matched not only on personality, but the ability to read the dog’s visual cues and changes in behavior. We have entrusted Manny to ensure each dog and handler are the very best. His experience and methods have been tested time and time again.

For more information on our training and to have your own dogs trained from obedience to scent, please click below.

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